Capt. Peter McIsaac

“ In my piloting, I don’t like excitement. In my retirement plan, as a trustee of the plan, I don’t want excitement either.”

You know, one of the most beautiful sights in the world is the Golden Gate Bridge about 4:00 or 5:00 o’clock in the morning, coming from the West. Very few people get to see that.

Captain Peter McIsaac. I live in San Mateo, California. I am a San Francisco Bar Pilot, and we guide the ships in and out of the bay from sea to the dock.

Pilots are needed throughout the world, and it goes back to biblical times. Mainly because you needed someone with the local knowledge and the local expertise to get a ship safely in and out of port. In San Francisco, it’s complicated by the fact that we have a lot of fog.

The type of person who makes a good pilot is typically someone who can make decisions. They don’t waffle. They can make decisions under pressure. It’s not an entry-level position by any means.

About 15 years ago, we ended up with a new vendor for our retirement plan and we wanted a personal choice retirement account. We wanted the ability to trade stocks in our accounts rather than just strictly mutual funds. We did a full search. Took probably six months, and we came back to where we thought we were going to come back, and that was right to Schwab.

Everyone we’ve dealt with at Schwab, they’ve always been good people and competent people. And to a one, they always get back to us. If we have a question, they get back to us with the answer or they get back to us and tell us they’re going to need another day or two to find the answer. And that, to me, is service.

We don’t really provide any other service than the safe navigation of vessels, and we hire other specialists for other aspects of our business and Schwab is one of them…that’s part of the package that they provide is the expertise in that business, and we appreciate that because that’s kind of what we provide to the ships that we call upon here.

In my piloting, I don’t like excitement. In my retirement plan as a trustee of the plan, I don’t want excitement.

You know, there’s never been one moment where I thought, ‘I’m glad we’re with Schwab.’ There have just been a lot of moments.

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